Roadtec RP-2505 Track Asphalt Paver

May 30, 2013

The new Roadtec RP-2505 asphalt paver is a 174-horsepower (Caterpillar engine), heavy-duty, steel-track, 8-foot machine that uses a high-density, tamper-bar screed. This versatile new model, says Roadtec, is the first of the company’s machines capable of achieving high densities in stiffer mixes such as cold mix, base materials and roller-compacted concrete, as well as in conventional hot-mix asphalt. Electrically heated screeds with adjustable, hydraulically driven vibrators are available in dual- or single-tamper-bar configurations. Both screeds have hydraulically extendable extensions that allow a maximum paving width of 16 feet 8 inches. Both screeds use dual controls and thermostatically regulated temperature control. A full-width, heavy-duty walkway on the rear of the screed allows access to either side, and mounting points for automatic grade controls are located on the screed tow arms. High-capacity, variable-displacement pumps are used for the paver’s propel and material-delivery systems, and the pumps, says Roadtec, run at an optimum speed to keep components cool and to extend component life. The anti-segregation material-delivery system uses abrasion resistant components, and electric flow gates and 8-inch hydraulic tunnel extensions provide optimum control of material flow, says the company. Dual ComfortDrive operator stations include joystick controllers and can move hydraulically beyond the sides of the machine for enhanced visibility. The RP-2505’s standard fume-extraction system draws fumes from the auger and operator areas, and a variable-speed, hydraulically driven fan is designed to improve operating efficiency and reduce sound levels. The undercarriage uses 11.8-inch steel tracks with polyurethane pads, and a new dual-hinge apron plate allows easy access to the material-delivery system to facilitate cleaning.