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Roadtec RP-190e Tracked Asphalt Paver


Asphalt Paver - Tracked

Powered by a 230-horsepower Cummins engine that complies with Tier 4-Interim emissions standards, the new highway-class Roadtec RP-190e rubber-tire asphalt paver features an anti-segregation material-delivery system, redesigned operator station, fume extraction system and high-capacity hydraulics for the propel system.

According to Roadtec, “over-sized” variable-displacement hydraulic pumps power the material-delivery system, which uses electric flow gates and 18-inch hydraulic tunnel extensions for optimum control of material flow from the hopper to the screed. An anti-segregation design for the tunnel, tunnel discharge and rear augers is aimed at keeping material uniform. The16-inch-diameter augers can run independently of the conveyors and are hydraulically adjustable for further segregation control. Offset-link conveyor chains and drop-in, chromium-carbide-clad floor plates are designed for durability, and a new dual-hinge apron design allows easy access for conveyor cleaning.

On the operator’s platform, dual stations move beyond the machine sides for added visibility and provide a ride-control feature for added comfort. The hydraulically driven, variable-speed cooling fan reduces overall sound levels and contributes to lower fuel consumption. Release agent spray-down systems are now standard and include a dual system—one for diesel, one for release agent.

The RP-190e uses the company’s Guardian Remote Telematics System, which monitors the machine’s electrical and hydraulic systems, engine, pressure transducers, auger-speed sensors, flow-gate height and fuel consumption in real-time via cellular signal. The system also allows access to production data and will automatically e-mail fault codes and maintenance reminders.

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