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Roadtec Cutter Drum Upgrade

Cutter-drum design changes provide users of Roadtec's cold planers with a milling pattern that enhances the bonding of the new asphalt layer to the existing base.

July 01, 2009

Cutter-drum design changes will provide users of Roadtec's line of cold planers with a milling pattern enhancing the bonding of the new asphalt layer to the existing base, says the company. The lacing pattern was adjusted to provide a better texture on the milled surface, as well as a more balanced impact when the cutting tools strike the surface. Also, says Roadtec, the impact angle of the milling machine's drum tools was adjusted to optimize the life of the consumable bit, and a redesigned drum end ring configuration provides better match-cutting and increased tool life.

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Roadtec traded axles and gears for hydraulic motors that control each wheel of the Roadtec Shuttle Buggy to make the material transfer vehicle easier to shift and operate.

A new grade and slope control automation system designed specifically for cold planers is available for the Roadtec RX-500, RX-700 and RX-900 milling machines.

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