September 28, 2010

Roadtec Paver SeatProviding paver operators with the ability to quickly observe the rear auger to ensure material levels are where they are supposed to be for a quality paving job, Roadtec engineers designed new paver seats to slide out to the side in a straight line, instead of swinging out on an arc. The straight sideways movement of the seat results in a position that provides the operator with visibility down the side of the machine and to the rear augers. It’s important to visually check augers because mix should always be halfway up on the augers over the entire width of the auger delivery system. Augers should never be buried in mix at any point. Being able to see the augers allows the operator to monitor such variables as paving speed, flow gate settings and feed sensor position to deliver mix evenly across the augers and thus across the entire leading edge of the screed plate, which is a must for a segregation-free mat.