R3000H is Caterpillar’s Largest Underground Loader


Editor's note: Specification have been updated.

The new R3000H is the largest LHD (load-haul-dump) vehicle in the Caterpillar line and is designed for a rated payload of 20 metric tonnes in both load-and-carry and truck loading applications. The new LHD has a 16-percent production advantage over its predecessor, the R2900 XTRA, in truck loading applications. With its added capacity, the new loader provides an exact three-pass match with the company’s new 66-ton AD60 underground articulated truck. An available Ventilation Reduction Package (VRP) for the R3000H’s Cat C15 ACERT engine uses select engine hardware and software modifications to minimize particulate emissions. Using the Canadian (CANMET) underground ventilation standard, the R3000H equipped with the VRP has a 42 percent reduction in ventilation requirements compared to the R2900G XTRA.

Caterpillar R3000H Specifications

  • Gross weight: 177,273 pounds
  • Empty weight: 123,580 pounds
  • Rated payload: 20 metric tonnes
  • Gross power: 398 horsepower
  • Bucket capacity: 10.9 - 15.2 cubic yards
  • Recommended drive tire width: 177.2 inches