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Putzmeister 70Z-Meter Concrete Pump


Construction Lifting & Concrete Placement

Putzmeister 70Z-Meter Concrete Pump

Putzmeister claims its 70Z-Meter is the world’s largest truck-mounted concrete pump, with 227 feet of vertical reach and nearly 213 feet of horizontal reach. Standard on all models 52Z-Meter and larger, including the 70Z-Meter, The maker’s Ergonic control technology allows the operator to set parameters that control the pump, the five-section Z-Fold boom and other functions, and facilitates real-time remote diagnosis of the unit in the field. The boom can be deployed in Z positions or A-frame configuration. The 70Z-Meter turns within a 59-foot radius, and the unit’s 180-degree working range in One-Sided Support mode allows the 70Z-Meter to make efficient use of its reach in congested areas. Associated Concrete Pumping of Sacramento, Ca., has had the first 70Z in the U.S. since early last Fall.

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