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Putzmeister 36Z-Meter Concrete Pump Carries More Payload


Concrete Pumps

Putzmeister 36Z-Meter Concrete Pump Carries More Payload

Putzmeister 36Z-Meter truck-mounted concrete pump weighs 5,000 pounds less than the previous model, giving it more payload capacity. Gross vehicle weight is 51,500 pounds.

The new design has a three-axle chassis, which can meet federal bridge requirements and allows for less strict permits. Several components have been moved from the deck, opening up about 30 percent more space that allows more ease of movement during maintenance and service as well as more space for payload. The new hydraulic system has an improved filtration system, uses less oil, and has fewer parts than the previous system. The pedestal has a rotation bearing instead of a rack and pinion, which also reduced weight and allows for easier access to the turret. The pedestal sub-frame’s bolted connections allow for flexibility by adjusting to torsion from the force of the pump. An improved pipe layout has only two different types of elbows—45- and 90-degree—compared with three elbows in the previous model. The turret pipe now only has one bend instead of two. Both the new 45-degree elbow and the simplified turret pipe layout offer reduced wear, so elbows need to be rotated or changed less frequently, the company says. The 36Z includes the new RS 909 Hopper, which features a more robust, yet lightweight, design and promises an increased service life.

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