Optronics STLW, STL FusionX Combo Lights

Aug. 25, 2022
FusionX family includes combination stop, tail, turn, backup, and warning lights

Optronics STLW and STL FusionX family of combination stop, tail, turn, backup, and warning lights feature a signature “X” LED lighting array in their centers, and are available in eight SKUs.

The company says that before its introduction of Fusion Series LED combination lamps in 2014, vehicles used separate six-inch oval or four-inch round stop, tail, turn lamps, and backup lamps. Each lamp needed its own mounting hole, and these holes were made in the vehicle body panels, frame posts, docking plates, or gussets. Optronics Fusion lamps changed this by consolidating multiple lighting functions into a single lamp footprint, reducing complexity and cost, while maintaining structural integrity. The addition of a compliant warning light function in the FusionX was a logical next step in the evolution of the series. The lamps come hardwired and ready to install.

As an integrated electrical system solutions provider, Optronics is also able to configure the lamps with industry standard connectors by request. FusionX lamps are available in both bulk and polypack packaging.