Product Gallery: Asset-Management Software

By Staff | September 28, 2010

CCG Systems

This example of a display from CCG's Faster Service Center software provides equipment managers with quick access to information, such as current and past work orders, PM schedules and other data. The software provides real time information and includes a graphics program as part of the standard software package.

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The Dispatcher from HCSS, an asset-management software package, uses a traditional magnet board design to provide instant access to fleet information. A grid layout provides a complete history of equipment activity and jobsite locations.

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Komatsu America

Komtrax, Komatsu's asset-management software program, uses both text and color graphics, as shown here. The center section of the graph shows operation analysis, followed by fuel consumption information and machine load analysis.

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RTA Fleet Management

The RTAFleet Management software package can be easily customized and has numerous features for immediate feedback on fleet performance. Software capabilities include vehicle inventory, parts inventory, work order system, fuel inventory and usage, tire inventory and tracking, and administrative functions, such as billing.

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Caterpillar's asset-management modules include Asset Watch, which focuses on hours and location; Maintenance Watch, which integrates planned maintenance and repair information with Asset Watch; and Health Watch, which focuses on condition monitoring information, such as fault codes and diagnostics.

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John Deere

JDLink from John Deere Construction and Forestry monitors location, maintenance schedules, machine health, and more. The system can produce management summary reports of each machine's usage over time. The Alert Log compiles all yellow warning and red stop-engine data, alerting equipment managers to potential downtime and providing a maintenance log with documented details of maintenance and repair work.

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