Prinoth T6, T8, T12 Track Carriers

April 20, 2017

Recent design changes in the T6, T8, and T12 track carriers have boosted payload for these models in their dump-box and flat-bed configurations to 12,000; 16,000; and 25,000 pounds, respectively.

Although gross vehicle weight ratings for these three models are 28,600; 36,300; and 55,000 pounds, respectively, the large ground-contact area provided by Prinoth’s proprietary rubber-track undercarriage, featuring tandem walking-beam suspension and cast-steel wheels, keeps ground pressures low—4.00, 4.10, and 5.91 psi, respectively, when fully loaded. Tracks incorporate an automatic tensioning system that is designed to ensure proper operation and to extend track service life. In addition, says Prinoth, the special lug pattern of the tracks is designed to enhance side-hill grip.

The units provide 60-percent gradeability up/down hill and 40-percent gradeability in side-hill operation. An available two-axis inclinometer provides a graphic indicator on the machines’ displays, accompanied by an audio alarm. High engine placement allows fording depths for these machines of 39, 51, and 55 inches, respectively. The engines are all Caterpillar Tier 4-Final models: a C4.4 rated at 143 horsepower in the T6, and a C7.1 rated at 225 and 250 horsepower, respectively, in the T8 and T12.