Presidential Candidates to Discuss Infrastructure at Forum

December 2, 2019
Aerial view of looping roads.

Transportation and manufacturing associations will host a forum for presidential candidates to discuss infrastructure issues called Moving America Forward. According to Transport Topics, the forum will be held by United for Infrastructure, a nonpartisan group that focuses on educating the public on infrastructure issues. The event will be held in Las Vegas over President’s Day weekend. 

The host committee for the forum includes members of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, the American Public Transport Association, and more.

According to the article, the discussion of infrastructure has been largely “absent from the presidential debates.” A federal infrastructure package seems to have “vanished for 2019,” the report says. Several lawmakers have also shifted their attention to the upcoming presidential election rather than the Highway Trust Fund expiration date, which precedes it by a few weeks.

“For too long, serious infrastructure policy has been left on the back burner of many candidates’ agendas,” Association of Equipment Manufacturers President Dennis Slater said. “This forum will give candidates the opportunity to share what they think is needed to address our nation’s infrastructure opportunities with American voters at a critical time in the election year.”

Source: AEM & Transport Topics