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Potain MRH 175 Tower Crane


Tower Cranes

Potain MRH tower crane on a site.

The Potain MRH 175 tower crane has a maximum capacity of 11 tons and maximum jib length of 180 feet. Tip capacity is 1.65 tons when working with the full 180-foot jib, or 3 tons with the 164-foot jib.

Maximum line speed is 705 fpm when working with the 90HPL25 hoist. The elements weigh under 8.5 tons, and there is a single counter-jib/jib foot package.

With the hydraulic luffing design, the MRH 175 delivers an out-of-service radius of 33.5 feet, regardless of jib length. Freestanding heights of up to 206 feet are available with the 6.5-foot K-mast sections, and the crane is also compatible with 5.2-foot K-mast sections.

On the hoisting drum, up to 3,136 feet of rope is available with the 90HPL25 winch, allowing users to choose either 1,568 feet in a two-fall configuration with a 5.5-ton maximum capacity or 784 feet in a four-fall configuration with an 11-ton maximum capacity.

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