Post-Tensioning Seminar to be Offered Twice

Staff | September 28, 2010

Phoenix— The Post-Tensioning Institute, a non-profit organization for the advancement of post-tensioned concrete design and construction, will offer its Fundamentals of Post-Tensioning: Design, Analysis and Construction seminar Sept. 15 in Detroit, MI, and Oct. 16 in New Orleans.

The presentations will focus on analysis, design and construction fundamentals, with an emphasis on post-tensioned buildings. The seminar is intended to provide a basic understanding of post-tensioning and is of benefit to anyone who would like to develop a fundamental understanding of post-tensioning design and construction concepts, including structural engineers, contractors, installers, inspectors, architects, project managers, code specifiers, as well as municipal and building officials. Key concepts, code requirements, examples and practical design and construction tips will be discussed.

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