Positive Changes for a Change

Rod Sutton, Editor in Chief | September 28, 2010

January is often the month that a magazine will introduce new features and departments or even a new look. This year, perhaps more than in others, some freshness and optimism may be a welcome way to introduce a month's issue of Construction Equipment. Please indulge us as we strut some new and pertinent changes.

First, we launch two new features in this issue: Digital Digest and Safety Illustrated. Digital Digest highlights the growing amount of electronic information that cannot be printed with ink and is instead posted at ConstructionEquipment.com. In addition to our video coverage of machine introductions and walk-arounds, we also have audio clips of select interviews, webinars and interactive graphics.

Safety Illustrated brings to the topic of equipment safety the illustration style we've developed over the years in Prevention Illustrated and Production Heroes. Each article will center on a specific machine type and address areas of safety associated with that machine. Our first article takesa look at rough-terrain cranes.

Our second area of change occurred last November, when we made some improvements to the way the magazine looks. We made it easier to read the text, heightened the visual impact on our pages, and added some necessary updating along the way.

Turning to the electronic side, we've added a section to our website dedicated to emissions management. In this section, we house our popular Running Green series of articles. But we don't stop there. We will also update it with news pertaining to emissions management and other environmental issues. Links to resources such as CARB and EPA provide additional intelligence on the topics. A special question-and-answer section will be monitored by our partners on the site, John Deere and Deere Power. Review the content, ask a question, or research emissions problems.