Polaris Upgraded Brutus UTVs

February 18, 2015

Polaris has added two HDPTO configurations and a cargo box utility spreader attachment to its Brutus side-by-side utility vehicle line.

HDPTO and HDPTO Deluxe models also include a new Tier 4-compliant, 24-horsepower Kohler diesel engine. The three-cylinder overhead cam design and indirect injection delivers smooth power, reduced combustion, and minimal noise and vibration, Polaris says. The HDPTO allows users to configure the frame based on needs with optional Lock & Ride Pro-Fit accessories, and the HDPTO Deluxe offers a fully-enclosed cab, complete with a noise seal-off kit, windshield wiper assembly, heat, defrost, and air conditioning. The cargo box utility spreader is designed for application of dry, free-flowing granular materials such as sand and salt.

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