Photos: Cat M-Series Motor Graders

September 28, 2010

Caterpillar's M-Series motor grader
Notice the new Power Edge logo with the red slash on the M-Series grader, which replaces the red horizontal lines on previous machines. All new Caterpillar models will feature the Power Edge “trade dress” going forward.

M-Series cab with more visibility

Previous H-Series cab
By tapering the cab floor and angling the doors of the M-Series motor graders (first image), visibility to critical areas has been significantly increased from the former H-Series (second image).

M-Series moldboard
Serviceability has been simplified with top-accessible drawbar wear inserts and bi-directional moldboard slide rail wear strips that make DCM adjustments faster, and they are now a one-person procedure.

Motor-grader simulator
Caterpillar's motor-grader simulator with joysticks helps demonstrate how easy it is to learn the hand movements and to "dispel fear" among seasoned grader operators.