Philippi-Hagenbuch Hard-Rock/Ore Bodies Feature “Hydrophobic” Liners

October 2, 2012
Philippi-Hagenbuch Hard-Rock/Ore Bodies Feature “Hydrophobic” Liners

Philippi-Hagenbuch uses patent-pending hydrophobic (moisture-repelling) steel liners in the front corners of the body and front portion of the body slope to prevent muddy, sticky ore/soil mixtures from forming a difficult-to-dump bridge across the front of the body. This strategically placed material, says the company, promotes clean dumping and minimizes material carry-back. In addition, a substantial taper of the body from front to back is designed to decrease both wear and carry-back potential on the body sides. Because the body is narrower at the front, says the manufacturer, material releases immediately as the load begins to dump and slides straight out of the body without abrading the sides. Reinforced body-side top rails are half sections of rounded pipe that tie the inside steel plate to the outside plate at the top, providing added reinforcement and preventing material buildup within the sidewalls.

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