Pettibone Traverse T1246X Telehandler



Promotional photo shows Pettibone Traverse T1246X telehandler.

Pettibone Traverse T1246X telehandler lifts to 46 feet 6 inches and has a maximum load capacity of 12,000 pounds.

The Traverse T1246X telehandler is the third Traverse model to join Pettibone’s X Series lineup.

Traverse models feature a traversing boom carriage with capability to move loads by traveling horizontally. This, the company says, allows operators to safely place loads at full lift height without having to coordinate multiple boom functions.

The T1246X has a specified lift height of 46 feet 6 inches, which exactly matches its landing height. Pettibone points out that traditional fixed-boom pivots typically have a true landing height that is several feet less than the advertised lift height, as users must account for withdrawing the forks out of the load with enough rearward travel for the fork tips to clear the landing zone.

The traversing boom of the T1246X provides up to 70 inches of horizontal boom transfer, allowing for a maximum forward reach of 35 feet 10 inches. The telehandler is powered by a 117-horsepower Cummins QSF 3.8 Tier 4-F diesel engine that helps it achieve a maximum load capacity of 12,000 pounds. The engine is mounted on a side pod for easy service access while allowing ground clearance of 19 inches.

The unit was designed on Pettibone’s next-generation X-Series platform.

Drivetrain and axles have been optimized to provide greater tractive effort with minimal tradeoff on top-end speed. A pintle hitch mount adds versatility for towing. Built for use on rough terrain, the unit offers full-time 4-wheel drive with limited-slip front axle differential. Tight steer angle capability provides a turning radius of 14 feet 4 inches. The Dana VDT12000 Powershift transmission offers three speeds, forward and reverse.

Cylinder cushioning dampens the end of strokes—both extending and retracting—to avoid the wear and tear of hard, jarring stops, while also helping prevent the potential spilling of a load, according to the company. The T1246X also uses a single lift cylinder that improves operator sight-lines, and has twin hydraulic lines for tilt and auxiliary plumbing.

Featuring formed boom plates and less welding, the machine’s 4-section boom is designed to offer greater strength while reducing weight. The design also minimizes boom deflection for better control and accuracy when placing loads.

Boom overlap has been nearly doubled from previous models to provide smoother operation and reduce contact forces on wear pads. A bottom-mounted external extend cylinder further reduces the load on wear pads by up to 50 percent, Pettibone says. This cylinder location also provides greatly improved service access to internal boom components. Heavy-duty extension chains are meant to help ensure stable boom functions and longevity. Service is further simplified by fastenerless wear pads.

The operator cab maintains the company’s ergonomic seat, pedal, joystick, and steering wheel positions. An analog/LCD gauge cluster comes standard. An optional 7-inch digital display with integrated backup camera is also available. The cab also offers enhanced climate control, flat bolt-in glass, split door design, openable rear window, USB accessory plug, lockable storage under the seat, and water-resistant components for easy interior washdown.

A 30-gallon fuel tank offers ample volume for a full day’s work at 100-percent load, and the lockable fuel-fill is in a clean, accessible location, the company says. Other features include non-tensioned boom hoses, split-system electrical circuit panels, a 12-volt accessory plug in the engine bay, and heavy-duty LED lighting. Additional options include a sling hook for additional load security, solid or foam-filled tires, and a variety of attachments, including a 10-foot tower that can extend the machine’s lift height beyond 56 feet.