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Perkins Ecoplus Oil Filter for Syncro 3.6- and 2.8L Engines


Filters, Fuel, Oil and Hydraulic

Perkins Ecoplus oil filter
The Perkins Ecoplus oil filter is available on the company's Syncro 3.6- and 2.8L engines.

The Perkins Ecoplus oil filter has been fitted on the Perkins Syncro 3.6- and 2.8-liter engines.

Previously utilizing a spin-on oil filter across its engine range, the company has taken the opportunity to upgrade the filter as part of the design work undertaken on the new range. As with all Ecoplus filters, the oil filter now includes a replaceable element that fits inside the filter housing on the machine. This reduces waste, according to the company, as there is no metal canister to dispose of, compared to the typical spin-on filter. An immediate benefit for customers is the clean change that’s now possible thanks to a modification to the angle of the filter. The new filter is upright, which makes it easier to access, and as soon as the cap is opened, the oil automatically drains back into the block.

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