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Paving Report: Power Curbers 5700 C Max


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Paving Report: Power Curbers 5700 C Max

The model itself has been around since 1985, but beyond machine features, the 5700 concrete paver actually picks up additional applications seemingly every time manufacturer Power Curbers introduces a new version. From its roots as strictly a curb-and-gutter machine, the 5700 has evolved into the 5700-C, a “one-machine-does-it-all” slipform paver capable of forming sidewalk, V-ditch and barrier wall.

For the 25th anniversary of the model, along comes the 5700-C-Max.

“We've seen more projects requiring large profiles, like variable barrier wall, wide V-ditches and other structures involved in infrastructure,” explains Stephen Bullock, Power Curbers vice president, sales and marketing. “Our latest response has been to introduce an option package for the 5700-C, giving the machine more capability and flexibility than ever before. The repositioned right post and larger crawlers of the 5700-C-Max have been very well received.”

On display at World of Concrete 2010 in February in Las Vegas, the 5700-C equipped with the optional Max package features all-crawler steering; larger crawlers; and the repositionable right post for the pouring of large variable barrier up to 8 feet high, paving to a width of 12 feet, or other large concrete applications.

The new crawlers on the 5700-C-Max are both heavier and 12 inches longer, and move from three rollers to four for increased stability. The new low-speed crawler torque hubs keep the machine pouring at a steady crawl when handling large offset molds, says Power Curbers. This is in addition to all-crawler steering, a longtime option on the 5700-C that the company says improves directional accuracy when paving and pouring large walls.

The Max package includes mounting plates on the machine's right side to allow contractors to bring the right rear post forward. Bringing the leg forward redistributes weight, improving the 5700-C's performance when using large barrier molds and when paving in the center pour position, says Power Curbers. When contractors have completed largejobs and want to return to curb-and-gutter work, the right post is moved back to its standard position, allowing the machine to turn the tight, 2-foot radii that remains at the heart of a curb-and-gutter machine. In standard configuration, the machine maintains its established transport width of 8 feet 6 inches.

Other options for the Power Curber 5700-C-Max concrete paver include dual side pouring and a manifold for additional vibrator circuits.

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