BOMAG BW 100 AD e-5 Roller

March 15, 2023
NEW: Similar to the diesel-powered BW 100 AD-5 tandem roller

The 2.5-ton BW 100 AD e-5 BOMAG tandem vibratory roller is a battery-electric powered machine. It has a 39.4-inch rolling width.

Similar to the diesel-powered BW 100 AD-5, the electric roller allows for individual vibration control to both drums, and vibration actuation is controlled through the soft-response travel lever. Tailoring compaction output to the job, the roller offers two vibration frequencies of 3,900 and 3,360 vpm with a single amplitude of 0.20 inch, generating 7,194 and 5,395 pounds centrifugal force.

The 48V system has 25-kWh, lithium-ion batteries that offer plenty of capacity for a typical day’s work before recharging, according to BOMAG. Its recuperative system works during braking, converting mechanical energy back into electrical. The roller offers flexible plug and charging options.

The e-Performance system is equipped with two electric motors: one dedicated to travel and the other for steering and vibration. A 26.8-horsepower (19,7 kW) electric motor propels the front and rear driven drums at working speeds of 0-3.1 mph and travel speeds reaching 6.2 mph. When traveling, the roller only uses one motor to conserve energy consumption.

Intelligent vibration control (IVC) alerts operators to when compaction has been optimized. Featuring a pressurized water spray system with 54.2-gallon tank, the scraper bars are wind-protected to ensure uniform drum coverage in adverse weather conditions. Two scraper bars on each drum help to prevent material pick-up in both travel directions.

The isolated platform affords visibility to the drum and drum edge, and reduces vibration feedback. With no warm-up necessary, the roller is ready for work at the push of the ignition button. A digital 5-inch color display gives operators a quick glance of critical operating parameters, including speed, energy output, asphalt temperature, compaction progress, operating hours, battery charging capacity, duration, and power.

Available BOMAG Telematic allows fleet managers to monitor roller location plus operating.