BOMAG BW 154 HP-5 AM Hybrid Tandem Roller

Oct. 11, 2022
NEW: The BOMAG BW 154 AP-5 AM Hybrid tandem roller features a hydraulic hybrid drive...

The BOMAG BW 154 AP-5 AM Hybrid tandem roller features a hydraulic hybrid drive that stores braking energy, which is released flexibly during peak loads.

This allows the engine to cover the base load and operate with maximum efficiency. The system lowers fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 20 percent without sacrificing performance, the company says.

The roller’s standard Ecomode and Ecostop are designed to further cut down on fuel usage and noise. Ecomode is an intelligent control system that optimizes engine speed to save up to 30 percent on fuel, and it reduces noise emissions from the machine. Ecostop will automatically shut down the engine if left to idle, reducing fuel usage, cutting down on noise, and helping to avoid wear.

With its high-resolution, 10-inch customizable touchscreen, the roller’s menu navigation has never been easier, BOMAG says. User friendliness is paramount with this roller, as it offers the choice of three operating modes: touch, rotary pushbutton, or classic switch operation.

The Asphalt Manager feature helps the operator to set the layer thickness and aids control of rolling operations. The vectoring drum changes vibration from true vertical to true horizontal as asphalt stiffness increases. This avoids over-compaction, under compaction, and saves time, fuel, and wear on the machine.

The pivot-steer roller features five steering modes to meet every job site requirement. Its crabwalk is activated in one of two different ways–via travel lever or by preselection with a rotary switch. BOMAG’s patented steering system automatically reduces crabwalk when turning to ensure the roller always travels safely and precisely along the edge.