Dynapac CC1300VI, CC1400VI Rollers

Feb. 9, 2021

Two new VI generation Dynapac double drum rollers are models CC1300VI and CC1400VI. The C1300VI is a 4.3-ton asphalt roller; the CC1400VI is a 4.75-ton roller. The series features cross-mounted engines.

The Dynapac generation VI rollers have high-frequency compaction with optional dual frequencies: 3,240 vpm or 2,940 vpm. Choice can be made based on conditions and applications.

Dual amplitude is also an option, with the choices of 0.02 or 0.007 inch. Another option is an asphalt temperature meter, front right-mounted edge presser/edge cutter, dual front-right and -left edge presser/edge cutter, and rear-mounted chip spreader.

The rollers use 50-horsepower Kubota diesel engines with Eco mode.  The eccentrics system optimizes compaction performance without drawing too much power from the engine. 

The vibration-damped operator platform has a new comfort seat with weight adjustment and armrests. The forward and reverse lever follows the optional sliding seat. An optional dual forward and reverse lever is also available. The instrument panel has keypad buttons and a display showing the most important functions of the roller.

Daily service points are easily accessible. The large engine hood fully opens to almost 90 degrees for full accessibility. A gas spring balance enables opening and closing. All hydraulic hoses, sprinkler nozzles, water-pumps, and filters for the watering system are accessible.