Wirtgen WRC 240(i) soil stabilizer breaks rocks

Nov. 22, 2023
Wirtgen WRC 240(i) is capable of outputting 600 tons per hour.

The WRC 240(i) Wirtgen Rock Crusher is a soil stabilizer that breaks coarse rocks and produces a homogeneous mix in a continuous process. The working width of 2,320 mm (90.5 inches) and a working depth of up to 510 mm (20 inches) enables an output of up to 600 tons per hour.

The soil stabilizer can add cement and water in the same pass as it crushes rocks. The cement is pre-spread with a binding agent spreader and the water is sprayed into the mixing chamber of the Rock Crusher via the machine’s Varioinjection bar. For soil stabilization applications, the pre-spread binding agents such as lime or cement are mixed into the existing soil, transforming it into a high-grade construction material, and depositing it evenly behind the machine.

The crushing and mixing rotor features toolholders developed especially for crushing applications. The tools are fitted with large, impact-resistant carbide cutting edges and the holder bases are protected by wear-resistant protective elements made from high-tensile steel. Robust edge protectors reduce wear on the edge ring segments of the rotor.

The rotor housing is lined with abrasion-resistant wearing plates made from high-tensile steel.