Hamm HD+ 120i V-VIO and the HD+ 120i VIO-2 HF Rollers

Jan. 18, 2024
Double-drum vibratory rollers feature drums that vibrate and oscillate.

Models HD+ 120i V-VIO and HD+ 120i VIO-2 HF double-drum vibratory Hamm rollers use VIO drums that combine vibration and oscillation. Each is powered by a 154-horsepower Deutz engine.

The Hamm HD+ 120i V-VIO uses a vibrating roller drum at the front and a VIO drum at the rear. 

The Hamm HD+ 120i VIO-2 HF tandem vibratory roller has two VIO drums. An automatic control feature ensures that the front drum (in relation to the direction of travel) is always working in vibration mode, while oscillation or static compaction is used on the rear drum in order to achieve the best possible results. As a high-frequency machine (HF), the unit offers a vibration frequency of 4,020 vpm (front and rear).

The rollers give operators the ability to switch between vibration and oscillation or, in the case of the HD+ 120i VIO-2 HF, to combine two vibration and oscillation drums, removing the need to switch machines or deploy an additional machine and another operator on the job site. The HD+ 120i VIO-2 HF offers nine different combinations when selecting the compaction method. As with earthworks, the combination of vibration and oscillation delivers fast compaction in fewer double passes, making it particularly well suited to final compaction.