Hamm HX Series rollers

Oct. 13, 2022
The HX series replaces the DV+ series of tandem vibratory rollers

The HX series Hamm compactors replaces the DV+ series of tandem vibratory rollers. The first two models in the series are the HX 70i and HX 90i. Available configurations are vibrating double-drum, vibrating drum and tires, and double-drum with one vibrating drum and one oscillating.

The compactors feature pivot steering, with a large turning angle, a large track offset, and four steering modes.

The 7-ton HX 70i is powered by a 75.3-horsepower diesel engine, and the 9-ton HX 90i by a 101.2-horsepower engine.

Optional Smart Compact is an automatic compaction assistant. Smart Compact actively supports the operator by combining the simple operation with handling via smartphones, computers, and other digitally controlled devices.

The automatic mechanism sets compaction parameters for each drum, then the operator enters whether a base, binder, or asphalt surface course is to be compacted. Smart Compact decides automatically whether to compact with vibration and big or small amplitude, with oscillation, or statically. It evaluates physical properties of the asphalt, such as the temperature or rigidity. It includes the integration of local weather data via an integrated weather station, and the assessment of the complex cooling behavior in the area of tension between the asphalt and air temperature, as well as the wind. Based on all of this information, the system determines the right setting separately for both drums, according to the manufacturer.

Smart Compact detects when an asphalt layer is almost completely compacted, and then automatically cancels the dynamic compaction. It puts the roller into ECO mode, which reduces engine speed by up to 20 percent and saves fuel.

Hamm HX 70i Roller Specs

  • Operating weight: 7 tons
  • Drum width: 59.1 in.
  • Power: 75.3 hp

Hamm HX 90i Roller Specs

  • Operating weight: 9 tons
  • Drum width: 66.1 in.
  • Power: 101.2 hp