Dynapac CA1300/1400 Soil Compactors

May 6, 2021

Dynapac CA1300 and CA 1400 soil compactors come in PD version—with pads and drum drive—or D version with a padfoot shell. The compactors have widths of 54 and 66 inches, respectively, and static linear load up to 114 pounds per linear inch. The Dynapac CA1400 has two amplitudes: high at 0.067 inch and low at 0.032 inch.

The Dynapac rollers are powered by a 75-horsepower Kubota engine that is transversally mounted to allow service access while standing on ground. The air inlet for both combustion air and cooling air is high located to minimize dust intake.

A new cab design includes fresh air ventilation, heating, and air conditioning.