Miller Formless M-6040 Variable Width Slipform Paver

April 26, 2021

The M-6040 variable width slipform paver features a dual telescoping main frame and variable width paving mold that can extend from 8 feet 3 inches to 16 feet 5 inches in width without the need for frame or mold inserts.

For larger paving projects, the main frame can fully expand to accommodate additional bolt-on mold inserts and hydraulic vibrators, extending the paving width up to 20 feet wide in under an hour without any additional frame extensions, the company says. Applications include shoulder paving, curb and gutter, median barrier walls, and bridge parapet walls.

Now the largest paver offered by Miller Formless, it is powered by a 176-horsepower Cat C4.4 Tier 4 turbocharged diesel engine and has a transport width of 10 feet 3 inches without the mold. Check out our video below.