Bergkamp Reengineers Hose System for FP5 Patcher

April 26, 2019

Bergkamp has upgraded the hose system on its FP5 pothole patcher in a move it says keeps the hose cleaner and the job site safer.

The Pivot Tack/Air Hose System has a pivoting arm that holds the tack hose off of the ground, parallel to the hopper. It is locked in place with a spring-loaded pin for transport, and also locks when in use to keep the hose off the ground, reducing a trip hazard and keeping it from dragging through the wet tack.

The pivot arm and hose system pivots up to 180 degrees, providing about 20 feet of overall extended reach with the tack wand.

A retrofit Pivot Tack/Air Hose System can be mounted on existing FP5 Pothole Patchers.

Source: Bergkamp