Kleeman Expands Job Site Technology

Oct. 24, 2022

Spective Connect is now available on the Kleeman Mobicat MC 120(i) Pro jaw crusher and the Mobicone MCO 110(i) Pro cone crusher.

The technology displays all relevant process information and reporting on the operator’s smartphone.

A configuration tool helps in the selection of the correct machine settings. Smart Job Configurator allows the operator to enter the data for their planned application. The app calculates the optimum machine settings automatically, which the operator then transfers to the machine via the Spective touch panel.

The rapid entry of the machine settings can also be used by an accomplished operator as a quick-start menu independent of Spective Connect. Important settings can thus be made conveniently via a guided menu, according to the company.

The new configuration tool also supports the operator in the selection of the best possible crushing tools as well as the recognition of the tools and tracking of their service life.

Source: Kleeman