Morbark 6400XT Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

May 18, 2018

The Morbark 6400XT horizontal grinder's in-feed bed has sloped sides and is 24 inches longer than previous Morbark grinders in the 1,000-plus horsepower range. This configuration improves operator sight lines for more efficient loading of material. Standard on the 6400XT Wood Hog is a removable in-feed-chain return floor, which allows excess material to fall away to reduce wear on the floor. bed chain, and inserts—particularly useful in land-clearing or other applications with dirty material, says Morbark. The 6400XT weighs less than 96,500 pounds and is 11 feet 5.5 inches wide with the standard Caterpillar 325L undercarriage using 23.5-inch double-grouser track shoes.

6400XT Wood Hog Incorporates these features

  • Extended, 31.5-inch-wide platform between hood and engine to facilitate changing grates and accessing the engine
  • Fixed work platform to facilitate access and promote safety during grate and hammermill maintenance
  • Hydraulic hinged door and hood-locking system to provide quick access during grate changes
  • Consolidated area for oil and hydraulic filters
  • Independent hammermill-drive tensioning system to facilitate adjustment
  • Large feed-wheel (40 inches), which raises adequately to provide access to the hammermill during insert inspection

The 6400XT Wood Hog also uses a 42-inch x 61-inch solid-plate rotor with 3-inch retaining rods and a 42-inch tip swing. Standard hammer pattern is 18 hammers with 18 rakers, but rotors can be configured to multiple patterns for various application requirements. Engine options for the 6400XT include the Caterpillar C27 (1,050 horsepower) or Caterpillar C32 (1200 horsepower); both engines are Tier 4-F.

Morbark’s drive-line protection system is standard on all Wood Hog models. The externally adjustable, break-away torque limiter helps protect the drive-line and hammermill from catastrophic damage caused by contaminants, says the company.

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