The DA-350 dual applicator applies sealcoat via the spray method and squeegee method. The three-wheeled, self-propelled unit holds 350 gallons of material. It has a 7-foot-wide, dual drag squeegee assembly and a hydraulically driven, electrically controlled super sand pump (ESSP) system. The dual application begins with the squeegee system, which packs the material down into crevices. The operator then uses the hand wand or the spray bar to apply a second coat and completely seal the asphalt.

One person can operate the DA-350, and they use a foot pedal for on-demand control of the 4-inch material drop, which releases material directly into the squeegee box. The windrow operator arm, which is available in manual and hydraulic options, allows the operator to further manipulate how material is applied to surfaces. In addition, a 40-gallon fogger system cools asphalt surfaces prior to application to ensure proper adhesion.

The unit’s ESSP transfers up to 100 gallons of material per minute. The DA-350 is powered by a 40-horsepower Kohler gasoline engine or an optional 35-horsepower Kubota diesel engine

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