Finlay TR-80 Conveyor

Feb. 20, 2024
Radial functionality allows for flexible stockpiling.

The TR-80 Finlay radial conveyor can be integrated into static operations or as part of a mobile crushing and screening set up. It has an automated stockpile program that allows operators to stockpile materials in set patterns to suit their operations and site configuration. The radial functionality allows for flexible stockpile configurations.

When operated in conical mode, the TR-80 conveyor has a maximum discharge height of 33 feet 5 inches and can stockpile 2,369 cubic yards of material. When configured to operate at 120-degree Kidney Bean mode, the machine will stockpile 9,897 cubic yards of material.

Safety measures engineered into the machine include hydraulic feed height adjustment of the feedboot and pinless deployment of the main conveyor.