Wirtgen SP 102i Concrete Paver

Feb. 16, 2022

The SP 102i Wirtgen slipform paver offers paving widths from 16 to 40 feet to thicknesses of 18 inches.

The two-track concrete paver has a modular design that allows users to handle various applications by adding or removing required modules. In addition, all components, including the concrete spreading equipment and super smoother, can remain mounted on the machine during transport, enhancing setup time.

Powered by a Tier 4-F 310-horsepower diesel, the Wirtgen paver has a power-management system—ECO mode—that automatically adjusts engine speed based on required horsepower. Paving speed ranges from 0 to 16 fpm, and travel speed is 0 to 65 fpm. Low ground pressure allows the paver to be maneuverable and flexible while paving, according to the company.

The 1310 wi series imperial inset slab paving mold has a removable wear sole. The mold can be equipped with up to three crown profiles for parabolic crown paving of up to 3 percent. Leveling technology adjusts the height, depth, and pitch. It compares the actual values to predefined target values and adjusts the deviations proportionally, according to the company.

The ergonomically designed operator’s platform provides an overview of the entire site, and a hydraulically height-adjustable canopy protects the operator against sun and rain. The user interface features state-of-the-art control panels with language-independent graphic labeling of all control elements. These are identical on all Wirtgen slipform pavers, which reduces the need for training and familiarization of operators working for the first time with the various models, according to the company.

Hydraulic vibrators evenly compact the concrete and ensure a homogeneous structure. In addition to the 18 factory-fitted hydraulic connections for vibrators, and as an additional option, the inset slipform paver can also be equipped for the connection of 24 or 30 hydraulic vibrators for greater working widths.

A 3D interface can be used in combination with a 3D guidance system and total stations from various providers. The company’s WITOS FleetView telematics solution increases machine availability by timely identification, planning, and execution of required maintenance and servicing.

Wirtgen SP102i Slipform Paver Specs

  • Power: 310 hp
  • Paving width: 16 - 40 ft.
  • Paving height: 0 - 18 in.
  • Paving speed: 0 - 16 fpm
  • Travel speed: 0 - 65 fpm
  • Displacement: 543 cu. in.
  • Operating weight: 55,000 - 110,000 lb.