Terex Bid-Well 4800 Paver Upgrades

Feb. 1, 2017

Terex Bid-Well has three new remote-control options for making machine-setting adjustments to its 4800 paver. The new remote-control units allow the operator to adjust critical machine functions from ground level, while paving, providing more flexibility for quickly fine-tuning paver settings to meet changing conditions, says the company.

Two tethered control boxes can be attached anywhere on the paver’s frame to conveniently modify settings such as paver speed, engine throttle, power crown adjustment, and paving width. Contractors can choose from the entry-level keypad control or the local control that uses a touch-screen display. Also available is a new radio remote-control panel, designed to expand operating flexibility, says Terex Bid-Well, by allowing the paving crew to carry along machine controls and operate the paver from ground level, 360 degrees around the machine. The initial display screens include a log-in page, allowing only authorized personnel access. A daily-maintenance and pre-start checklist is provided for the carriage, power unit, legs, travel bogies and controllers.