Gomaco V2 Mold Added to GP-2400 Paver

March 6, 2014

GOMACO GP-2400 concrete slipform paver now has the V2 variable-width mold. The GP-2400 can pave to 24 feet wide, and with the V2 mold, it can make 6.5-foot transitions to form tapered slabs on the go and make easy paving width changes. The GP-2400 with V2 mold paving package features a hydraulically telescoping rolling frame for accurate width changes. The frame has dual rollers, mounted to the top and bottom of the outer frame tubes, to position the inner tube and reduces the amount of surface-to-surface contact area. The configuration of the front and rear molds dictates the minimum and maximum paving widths and the total amount of width variation. The molds feature dual power transition adjusters (PTAs) for crown height adjustment. It is also available with a curb profile on one or both sides for municipal paving.

A spreader plow with hydraulic vertical movement controls the head of concrete in front of the V2 sectionalized mold system. The plow rail has the ability to vary similar to the GP-2400’s framework to accommodate width changes. Proximity switches on the plow framework set the length of travel and these switches can be easily moved to change the plow’s settings. The plow’s horizontal and vertical movement can be operated manually or set on automatic.