3 Myths About Buying a Used Asphalt Paver

Jan. 12, 2024
How to navigate the new versus used decision

There have been many discussions about the merits of buying new versus used earthmoving equipment, but far fewer when it comes to asphalt pavers.

The folks at LeeBoy maintain there are three myths about buying new asphalt pavers.

Myth 1: Used equipment is always more cost-effective 

While used equipment may have a lower upfront cost, it is sometimes more costly in the long run. Used equipment often comes with hidden maintenance and repair expenses, potentially outweighing the initial savings.

On the other hand, new equipment offers warranties, advanced technology, and improved efficiency, providing better long-term value.

Myth 2: Older models offer comparable performance 

This myth assumes that older models of asphalt pavers can perform similarly to newer ones. However, technological advancements in newer models have significantly enhanced performance, accuracy, and productivity.

In addition, features like automation and GPS technology are often exclusive to newer models, allowing for better results and increased efficiency in paving operations.

Myth 3: Maintenance costs for new equipment are exorbitant

It is a misconception that new equipment incurs high maintenance costs. Many manufacturers offer scheduled maintenance plans and comprehensive warranties for new equipment. These plans help minimize unexpected maintenance expenses and ensure the proper upkeep of the machinery.

Furthermore, unique equipment often benefits from improved design and technology, reducing the need for frequent repairs and optimizing overall maintenance costs.

Buying new equipment for paving projects is crucial for cost-effective and efficient results, LeeBoy says. They recommend contacting a dealer to help inform the decision.


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