Parking Lot Enhanced

By Aram Kalousdian, Editor | September 28, 2010

A public parking lot enhancement project at West Village and Monroe streets in Dearborn that was done this summer has included approximately 200 plantings, 45 trees and 1,100 perennials. The project also included the installation of brick-clad piers with interior concrete block, curbing, and pavers. Chezcore, Inc., of Detroit, was the general contractor and Backer Landscaping, Inc., of Roseville, was a subcontractor. Chezcore has done the pier, curbing and paver work, and Backer Landscaping has done the plantings, trees and perennials. Lawn areas have also been upgraded.

"We're taking the entire perimeter of the parking lot and making it more aesthetically pleasing," Ron Jazowski, senior landscape designer for Backer Landscaping, Inc., said.

Backer Landscaping is using compact equipment on the project."We find that the compact equipment meets our needs. It minimizes damage and is versatile. Compact equipment can be taken from site to site more easily because it's smaller," Jazowski said.

Jazowski said that the work was done under an American Institute of Architects (AIA) contract, which is more specific than a standard contract. Approval of any changes had to be done by the city and the contractor.


Project: West Village Parking Enhancements, Dearborn

General contractor: Chezcore, Inc., of Detroit

Subcontractor: Backer Landscaping, Inc., of Roseville