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Parker Hannifin QuickFit Oil Change System


Oil Evacuation Systems

An oil change system on an engine

The QuickFit Oil Change System is engineered to alleviate the logistical challenges associated with the traditional oil change and streamline the entire process, the company says.

Traditional maintenance oil changes face challenges including confined spaces that make access difficult and can create safety and ergonomic risks. Multiple drain and fill points increase the chances for cross-contamination, and removing an oil filter that’s still full of oil can result in leaks, spills, and potential environmental issues.

The system is designed with a single-point connection that eliminates safety hazards. Its three-step process purges, evacuates, and refills oil from the one connection point. It uses compressed air to purge the oil by pushing it through the filter into the engine sump, drains oil directly to waste containment allowing for clean removal of the filter, and pumps new oil into the engine using the same connection point.

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