Paladin Bradco Quik Pik Multi-Purpose Grapple

June 3, 2014
Paladin Bradco Quik Pik Multi-Purpose Grapple

Bradco Quik Pik Multi-Purpose Grapple for skid steers is designed to manage brush, logs, hay bales, rocks and pipe or culverts, as well as standard pallet jobs.

Its base unit has a patented dual hydraulic boom and curved tines allowing materials to wrap around and against irregular-shaped objects and loads for additional stabilization. The base unit is also equipped with a removable Landscape Shoe that provides a platform to stabilize loads against the faceplate. Combine the base unit with the optional fork tines and/or brush rake and the grapple becomes an all-in-one multi-purpose attachment, the company says.

Base unit includes a dual-hydraulic boom with removable landscape shoe and five curved tines, which are 2.6 inches wide and spaced 3.75 inches apart.