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For use as an attachment on skid steers, the Bradco tree shear is capable of a 10-inch-diameter cut.

March 01, 2009

Paladin Bradco Tree Shear AttachmentA new Bradco tree shear attachment for skid steers is capable of a 10-inch-diameter cut with its inch-thick cutter bar blades. The 1,122-pound Bradco tree shear, a product of Paladin Light Construction, measures 56.2 inches in width, 23.7 inches in height and 39.4 inches in depth. No flow divider is required for the hydraulic attachment, which features a single cylinder for reduced maintenance, a hardened steel bushing in the pivot joint, and an adjustable push bar/brush guard.


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Bradco Quik Pik Multi-Purpose Grapple for skid steers is designed to manage brush, logs, hay bales, rocks and pipe or culverts, as well as standard pallet jobs.

The JRB Triad 416 Cast Coupler for wheel loaders features a cast design that reduces overall weight by up to 32 percent over an equivalent fabricated coupler, Paladin says.

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