Overbuilt Easi-Pour Compact 880 Curb & Gutter Paver

October 9, 2013
Overbuilt Easi-Pour Compact 880 Curb & Gutter Paver

Overbuilt Paving & Mining’s Easi-Pour Compact 880 is a high-speed curb & gutter paver allowing monolithic-style paving up to 7.5 feet wide; flat paving up to 8 feet wide; barrier walls to 42 inches high; paving speeds up to 65 feet per minute; transport speeds of 170 feet per minute; and, when coupled with the tight radius package, radius to 24 inches.

All Easi-Pour Compact 880s come equipped with either a Cummins or John Deere 115-horsepower to 140-horsepower engine. Standard equipment includes Overbuilt designed and manufactured sensors and cords, steering and elevation wands, 4 vibrator circuits, 3 vibrators, 1.75-cubic-yard-capacity hopper with auger, 51-inch fine grade trimmer, and a mold to specifications. Choice of rubber wheels or tracks.