Orion Energy Systems Wins Global Award For Sustainable Technology

September 28, 2010

Energy-efficient and directly renewable technology from Orion Energy Systems Inc., Manitowoc, WI, has received the Platts Global Energy Award for Sustainable Technology Innovation of the Year.

The award recognizes the company that has made “the single most innovative technology advance in the area of green technology,” according to Platts.

Orion Energy Systems won the Sustainable Technology Innovation award for its integrated energy management system, which permanently reduces light-related electricity consumption when replacing traditional high-intensity discharge lightingsystems.

The integrated system combinesOrion's high-performance Compact Modular™ fluorescent lighting platform, wireless InteLite™ touch-screen controls, and directly renewable Apollo™ Solar Light Pipe to automatically replace electrical lighting with daylight in a commercial or industrial facility.

Users of the integrated system have experienced light-related energy cost reductions of 50-80 percent without compromising their lighting needs.

Since 2001, Orion technology has displaced more than 386 megawatts, saving customers more than $455 million, reducing indirect carbon dioxide emissions by 4 million tons and indirect sulfur dioxide by more than 16,000 tons.