OEM New Telematics System

September 28, 2010

OEM Data Delivery has introduced a comprehensive telematics system designed for owners of heavy equipment who want to track and manage their assets, including each unit’s fuel consumption.

The OEM Data Delivery Telematics System is wireless and hands-free. With a high degree of precision, it captures individual asset locations along with work time, engine idle and service alerts so that management can monitor, in real time, the activity at each jobsite and make sure every resource (workers, equipment, tools, fuel) can be used to greatest benefit. 

The system is scaleable, and has a high population capability. It consists of several modules which can be implemented simultaneously or over time. The core module, an ST-900 Cellular Service Tracker, offers standard GPS capabilities and tracks machine hours, location idle vs. work logs and odometer readings. It also generates custom service alerts so maintenance can be scheduled when most advantageous and over-servicing is avoided. A Fuel Tracker unit, used in conjunction with the ST-900, tracks (in real time), the dispensing of fuel and other consumables into individual pieces of equipment or vehicles.