ODOT Chooses Traffic Controller Software

Staff | September 28, 2010

Tualatin, OR— The Oregon Department of Transportation has selected the latest version of Voyage traffic controller software from Northwest Signal Supply Inc. for a three-year statewide implementation.

The software provides advanced features and functions designed to maximize safety, efficiency and traffic flow. The unlimited license makes Voyage available to all of Oregon's municipalities and government agencies for use in more than 3,300 traffic signals throughout the state.

Voyage software is already being used in Portland, including a number of intersections along its light rail system. ODOT is also currently working on several installations in Bend, one of Oregon's fastest growing communities. In 2009, the use of Voyage will be mandatory in all new construction projects, and ODOT will seek funding to upgrade several older systems.

"Several Oregon cities have earned stellar reputations for urban planning and traffic management to an extent that many of them have been studied and emulated by states and municipalities across the country," said Jon Meusch, president of Northwest Signal Supply. "We are delighted to be able to provide a tool that will allow Oregon traffic engineers to continue to expand upon their considerable expertise while making our home state an even nicer place to live."