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No cutting, welding or extra hydraulics required with Nye Manufacturing's 8-foot parallel-link stick extension.

May 01, 2009

Nye 8-Foot Parallel Link Stick ExtensionThe latest in the Nye Manufacturing family of excavator attachments is an 8-foot parallel-link stick extension. With no cutting, welding or extra hydraulics required, the high-strength-steel Nye dipper extension simply pins to the end of an excavator's OEM stick for additional reach on such jobs as deep excavating, demolition and dredging. Nye produces parallel-link stick extension models for excavators ranging 15 to 100 tons.


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Originally conceived for ripping shale in the Canadian Maritimes, Nye Manufacturing's Mother Of All Rippers (MOAR) excavator attachments are built with additional steel plates.

Independently-adjustable shanks allow dozer operators to shorten or lengthen the shanks on the DR3 "triple" ripper from Nye Manufacturing as required.

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