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Re-routing the hoses on the redesigned Builtrite four-tine orange peel grapples over the top of the carrier's jib cuts down on the likelihood of the hoses being torn off.

December 01, 2009

Northshore Builtrite 4-Tine Orange Peel GrapplesThe redesigning of the upper head and connecting link allows the hoses on Northshore Manufacturing's Builtrite four-tine orange peel grapples to be re-routed over the top of the carrier's jib, reducing the likelihood of them being torn off during scrap handling. Also, bolt-on cylinder covers are now standard on all models sized at 0.5 cubic yards and up. The covers and bolt-on heads are recessed to prevent from being caught on materials. With the updated grapples, high-torque rotation motors do not require a case drain line.


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