New Roller Covers More Ground

By Walt Moore, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010
Rhino 84X
The steeply sloped, contoured, fiberglass hood of the Rhino 84X enhances visibility rearward and provides easy access to service points.
Rhino 84X
Added conveniences offered by the Rhino 84X soil compactor include working lights front and rear, large rearview mirrors left and right, and adjustable scrapers designed to thoroughly clean the padfoot drum.

Stone Construction Equipment's introduction of its new Rhino 84X vibratory soil compactor, with an 84-inch-wide drum, not only rounds out Stone's Rhino line (already having 43-, 54- and 66-inch models), but also, says the manufacturer, "is the first step in moving Stone into heavier equipment." According to Lynne Woodworth, the company's president and CEO, the new Rhino 84X was developed in response to customer requests for a larger soil compactor, and its development is indicative of Stone's expanding emphasis on its compaction line.

The new soil compactor is available either as a smooth-drum machine (SD84X) or in a padfoot configuration (SD84XC), the latter being equipped with a padfoot shell. The operating weight of the smooth-drum version is 27,337 pounds, while that of the heavier padfoot variation is 31,057 pounds. The 84-inch drum on these machines is 60 inches in diameter, and the centrifugal force developed by both is rated at 42,743 pounds in the drum's low amplitude setting (.035 inch), and 62,989 pounds in its high-amplitude setting (.071 inch). Vibration frequency in the high-amplitude setting is 1,800 vpm; and in the low-amplitude setting, 2,100 vpm.

The 84X uses a 130-horsepower Cummins diesel engine coupled to a Sauer-Danfoss hydrostatic transmission that powers a heavy-duty ZF drive axle with a no-spin differential. The new model's articulation joint uses a heavy-duty spherical bearing and reinforced pivot point that also provides oscillation. Under the hydraulically assisted engine hood, at the rear of the machine, are located the 84X's pumps and filters, as well as its 58-gallon fuel tank and its 58-gallon hydraulic reservoir. The swing-up fiberglass hood provides wide-open access to routine service points, says the manufacturer, promoting good maintenance. For diagnostic work, the hydraulic test ports are easily accessible.

The 84X features an enclosed operator's cabin, complete with heat, air conditioning and an XM radio as standard equipment. Large windows with wipers are designed for optimum visibility, says the company; and large, dual-entry doors simplify access to the cabin. A fully instrumented console reports on machine operating systems, and the company's "4-in-1" directional-control/vibration-control lever is designed to place major controls conveniently in the operator's right hand.