The New Power-V XT "Extreme Duty" Snowplow Takes Snow Removal to the 'Cutting Edge'

Staff | September 28, 2010

For durability, strength and ease-of-use, no one can match THE BOSS' high-performance Power-V XT, a new multi-position snowplow with a 37" flared blade wing that improves snow discharge for maximum performance. Available in two models (the 8'2" XT and the 9'2" XT), the Power-V XT "Extreme Duty" Snowplow is designed for the toughest jobs. Both models come with a long list of standard features including:

Flared Blade Wings; 1/2" × 6" High-Performance Cutting Edges; Heavy-Duty Center Section and Pushframe; Reinforced Moldboard; Snowplow Sight System; SmartHitch2 Attachment System; SmartTouch2 Hand Held Control; Smartlight Package; SmartShield Paint Finish with exclusive Zinc Primer; High-Performance Hydraulic Package; Chainless Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting System; Two-Year, and Factory Backed Limited Warranty. "Our Power-V XT is designed for 'extreme-duty' in the toughest snow conditions, while providing the flexibility and agility necessary to match the task at hand," said Rick Robitaille, marketing manager for THE BOSS Snowplow. "From the removal of heavy, wet snow, to breaking through massive snowdrifts or clearing snow away from doors and buildings, the Power-V XT finishes the job up to 30 percent faster than traditional straight-blade plows." Whether operating the Power-V XT Snowplow in the scoop, V, angle or straight position, THE BOSS delivers the strength to clear a path through any type of snow, thanks to a reinforced moldboard, heavy-duty center section and pushframe. The cutting edge (patent pending) is made from a revolutionary material that sets a new standard for durability in the snowplow industry, offering twice the wear resistance of conventional cutting edges. Using THE BOSS exclusive Snowplow Sight System, operators can easily align the truck and snowplow from the comfort of the cab. When used with THE BOSS' SmartHitch 2 Attachment System, the Snowplow Sight System allows the operator to align with the plow the very first time, every time.

Part of the standard BOSS Snowplow package, the SmartTouch 2 Handheld Control is the easiest-to-use handheld control in the snowplow industry. The handheld control requires less button pushing than competitor products, features an express up-and-down capability, and also has a built-in sleep mode.