New EPA Guide Helps Businesses Confront Climate Challenge

September 28, 2010

EPA is releasing A Business Guide to U.S. EPA Climate Partnership Programs, a resource for businesses committed to addressing the risks and opportunities associated with climate change.

The guide features profiles on 35 EPA partnership programs and has a handy table so companies can look up programs most appropriate for their industry and business objectives.

Each program profile defines the environmental value delivered by the program and the business case for participating, such as cost savings, operational efficiency, reduced business risk, new or expanded markets, and enhanced reputation and brand protection.

The guide also describes the benefits of partnering with EPA, such as environmental performance benchmarking, public recognition, professional training and networking, and preparation for regulatory developments.

There are currently more than 13,000 firms and other organizations participating in EPA climate-related partnership programs.

Through participation, members are investing in energy efficiency, clean energy supply, and other practices and technologies for mitigating climate risks.

EPA developed the guide in consultation with Businesses for Social Responsibility (BSR), a nonprofit business association.

For copies of the guide or for more information about EPA Partnership Programs, visit: